Strategy & Finance

We believe strongly that the business strategy and financial assumptions of the company must be as compelling as the science. They have to be aligned and correlated. Potential investments with great innovative science can become uninteresting due to finances. For example, the inflection point will require large amounts of funding not readily available, particular in weak market conditions or because the valuation exceeds fair market value. While determining the potential upside and potential downside, we view the financial and scientific intrinsic value of an investment equally.

Cerus Invests Capital, Talent & Guidance in Life Sciences Companies to Streamline Innovation & Execution at Key Inflection Points

Our strategic objectives are transparent. We seek innovative Life Sciences companies with technologies and concepts that:

  • Address unmet medical needs by creating transformative products that have a meaningful effect on patients’ lives
  • Have passionate leaders committed to making significant, disruptive improvements to therapeutics, health information or medical technologies
  • Have disruptive, high value Intellectual Property deeply grounded by meticulous science and not a me-too or reformulation focus
  • Are in a therapeutic area of clinical use to match the group’s broad expertise and the potential to disrupt the respective market

We focus on the science, the teams, and the value to the healthcare system that many transformative companies have the capability to offer. With our global network and experience taking novel science from bench to bedside, we are a trusted partner for companies with that profile, regardless of their current stage of development.

Cerus Advisors