A New Breed

At Cerus, we believe that our investment approach, coupled with strategic and operational support tailored to each portfolio company, represents a new model for Life Sciences company creation and development. It is a model that is dedicated to giving our founding entrepreneurs and scientists an edge, both in the market and in their retention of equity ownership. The people of CERUS have been founders and entrepreneurs who have navigated the scaling of early stage companies through multiple, value-creating strategic partnerships, IPOs and multi-million dollar exits. We seek to create substantial returns for both our founders, as well as, our partners. We have been in the shoes of entrepreneurs facing the daunting challenges of building great Life Sciences and Biotech enterprises and we are focused on supporting the financial structure, growth network and strategic opportunities to achieve success.

Great Life Sciences companies succeed by building cultures that can navigate an increasingly complex and competitive landscape. This is where Cerus excels, by creating fundamental value beyond the strategic application of our own capital. We provide the founding C-Level support and network to match our portfolio companies with the best people and resources to access the strategic talent and technology that is necessary to achieve success.

We are at the most exciting time in human biomedical discovery. The distance between concept and commercial deployment in Life Sciences has become shorter but significantly more complex. We remain challenged by structural deficiencies in the ecosystem, the clinical testing of new treatments and the intelligent application of capital. We seek to meet these challenges effectively.

Cerus Advisors