Cerus Advisors DMCC is Launched Creating a New Investment Model

September 22, 2016

Finance and Biotech Veteran Executives to Lead the Group

Dubai, UAE, La Jolla, CA, USA, September 22, 2016 – Cerus Advisors DMCC, (Cerus), a boutique private equity management and advisory firm focused on long-term value creation in life sciences and real estate, has launched global operations. Cerus provides funding and experienced-based, strategic support to its portfolio companies to guide their growth. The firm is led and managed by a team of highly experienced professionals and entrepreneurs with a long standing track record in investment management and operations. The team includes Marios Fotiadis, M.B.A, Kleanthis G. Xanthopoulos, Ph.D., Gabriela M. Le Henand, and Riccardo Ricciardelli, M.B.A.

“We know from our collective experience that the intrinsic value of a company needs to be protected through the right financial, operational and strategic guidance,” said Marios Fotiadis, M.B.A., Chairman, Manager Partner. “Cerus’ business model is enhanced through our ability to deploy funding as well as strategic and operational value to our portfolio companies by utilizing our unique platform. We look forward to establishing Cerus as the global partner of choice to entrepreneurs who align with our investment philosophy and vision.”

“The life sciences industry is an incredibly fascinating, innovative and very fast growing global enterprise. Recent scientific advances have opened new dimensions in drug discovery and medical technologies based on the industry’s desire to innovate. By contrast, the way we build and capitalize life sciences companies has remained stagnant, with venture and private capital serving as the most common way to enable growth opportunities,” said Dr. Kleanthis G. Xanthopoulos, Managing General Partner. “With the birth of Cerus, we intend to create an alternative to the traditional investment models to keep pace with our industry and create long-term value for our founding entrepreneurs and syndicated investors.”

The team seeks life science opportunities with technologies and concepts that address unmet medical needs, have high-value supportive intellectual property, and are in attractive therapeutic areas. In real estate, the team is focusing on commercial growth opportunities.

About Cerus Advisors – a New Breed of Investor

Cerus DMCC is the strategic investment arm of a single-family office with global investments, focused on the pharmaceutical, medical device, health care and real estate industries. Cerus has leveraged its extensive investment and deal- making expertise to work with other family offices and third-party institutional investors to create valuable syndications around high-value growth opportunities. Cerus’ investment philosophy is rooted in its DNA as a single-family office advisor – therefore, every transaction is viewed with only one objective: Long-Term Value Creation. To achieve this objective, Cerus has developed a highly customized advisory practice that guides its portfolio companies and global partners in seeking private equity investments, deploying private equity resources and structuring highly customized private transactions. Cerus has investment offices in Dubai, UAE and in La Jolla, California, USA. For more information, please visit www.cerusadvisors.com.

The name Cerus stems from Greek Mythology – the goddess of Spring, Persephone, befriends a wandering bull known as Cerus and teaches the bull patience, perseverance and how to use his strength wisely. Cerus applies this spirit to its investment strategies with careful, reliable and patient value creation focused on long-term growth.

Cerus Advisors