About Cerus

Cerus DMCC was born as the strategic investment arm of a single-family office with global investments and a specific focus in the pharmaceutical, medical device and healthcare industries, as well as, real estate. Cerus is the principal investment advisor for the family office, but has leveraged its extensive investment and deal-making expertise to work with other family offices and institutional investors. Cerus has offices in Dubai, UAE and in La Jolla, California, USA.

While Cerus is focused on creating and executing a proprietary deal flow for its own investment purposes, it often involves third-party investors as syndicate members. In addition, Cerus has developed a highly customized advisory practice that assists partners around the world in seeking private equity investments, deploying private equity resources and structuring highly customized private transactions.

Cerus’ philosophy is identified by its DNA as a single-family office advisor. Therefore, every transaction is viewed with only one objective: Long Term Value Creation.

Why Cerus?

According to Greek Mythology, the goddess of Spring, Persephone, befriends a wandering bull known as Cerus and teaches the bull patience, perseverance and how to use his strength wisely. Every spring, Persephone rides upon the back of Cerus to inspire the renewal of life, to put all things in balance and make all the plants bloom. It is this same spirit that we try to achieve at Cerus – Careful, Reliable and Patient Value Creation through Long Term Growth.

Cerus Advisors